Wordpress Website Speed Tips

Sun, Nov 12, 2017 | 2 minutes to read | Posted by: Paolo

How to improve your wordpress website speed?

#1 Use professionally built themes

Picking a theme is easy but picking a professionally built theme requires a lot of research. Professionally built themes are well coded, don’t use a lot of server resources and also well supported by the developers.

Themes inject CSS and Js files on the visitor viewing front-end side of your site. If your theme is not well coded, your site loads a lot of scripts and styling which slows down your page loading speed especially on the first visit.

A lot of theme developers says that their theme is better than the other but look closely to those who already used their theme. Read out comments before you purchase a theme.

I recommend themes that has support and well loved by the community and designers alike.


X Theme

Both themes already have their own page builders and well maintained by their respective developers. Divi requires membership and can be used on multiple sites while X Theme doesn’t require membership but you need to purchase license for every website.

#2 Use needed plugins

Limit the plugins that your website needs. Plugins have different developers and not all are well coded. Plugins uses server resources which is a factor for your site speed.

#3 Optimize your images

Have your images optimized for web before you upload them by making the file size small as possible. You can ‘tinify’ them online with TinyPNG or Optimizilla. You can also use apps like Photoshop.

#4 Cache your website

Cache is like a memory that computers and servers use to store repeated resources in a website like images and scripts. By caching your website, your visitors’ device doesn’t have to download the resources from your website over and over again every time they visit the site.

Caching your website also compresses it in the server and have it rendered to the devices much faster. This includes the scripts used by your website.

There are many caching plugins for wordpress in the plugins repository that you can use.

WP Fastest Cache

WP Super Cache

W3 Total Cache

Do you have other ways how to improve your wordpress website speed? Share it with us on the comments.

Paolo Gallardo - Web Developer

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