Why You Need A Professional To Build Your Website?

Sat, Jul 22, 2017 | 6 minutes to read | Posted by: Sherwin

If you already decided that you need a website, next question would be, will you build yourself or let somebody build for you? Right now, there are lots of free or open-sourced software, free website building applications such as the likes of Wix, Weebly and Squarespace. These are easy to build with a gui, drag and drop functionality built into it. Although it’s easy to build using those sites, it is not very flexible and you will find it hard to customize if you want to add other features later.

Of course if you are on a tight budget and if you are feeling an adventurist, you can go ahead and can dive right in to make your own website.

If you are not a techie guy, you will find difficulties in building the website due to its technicalities and so you can find it’s hard to finish the website.

There is one advantage though in which you will be hands-on and will make you a better content manager in the future. But the disadvantages outweigh the advantages when a website is going to be used as your business portfolio. It takes a lot of consideration if you really want to take advantage of the website in your business.

If the reason why you are building a website is for your business, it is just wise and better in the long run to hand it over to a professional developer who could handle properly and has lots of experience as compared to you.

And so doing a website for your business is not literary simply creating it. Some of the considerations are listed:

Web Hosting

Web hosting just simply means where are you going to host the files of the website you are building. For small business websites, shared hosting are enough. A professional web developer can make the right choice for you on where to host your website.

Logo for your website

Logo is very important for a business and so is for the website. It is symbol and a representation of what a business is all about. It is best to consult a professional web designer to make a good logo.

Buying a Domain

Some people think that choosing a domain for your business is a simple task. Yet in reality, choosing a domain can be a challenging task especially if it involves your business. Discussing it with a professional can help you choose your domain.


Wouldn’t it be good if your business is selling real estates in your place and when somebody searches a keyword in google, your website url gets on the first page of the search result? That’s what SEO is all about. SEO is a very broad topic but on layman’s term it just means structuring your website to rank it when somebody searches a keyword on google. If you don’t want to pay on SEO, a professional web developer can still help you even just have an On-page SEO built on your website and it will help a lot in google ranking and get you started on SEO.

Maintenance of the website

This is very important if you want to make your website always online. If you are using CMS (Content Management System) for your website such as Drupal or Wordpress, it is always proper to have it updated regularly for security patches. Otherwise your website will always be prone for hacks and you don’t want your website to go down because of that. Normally web developers have maintenance packages usually on a monthly basis that will cater for that.

Website Quality

Building website for a business portfolio or any other purpose must always have quality. Quality means it has to look good and follow the standard in html. It has to be done also in such a way that it is user-friendly to the client on updating, editing and adding contents. This becomes more important if you don’t avail of the maintenance package from the professional web developer.

Responsive Web Design

Nowadays websites need to have display that are mobile friendly. It has to look good when you view it on tablets and mobile devices. Currently 50% of internet users are coming from mobile users. That’s the main reason why responsive web design is indeed important. You have to capture that big percentage of users. Another importance of responsive web design is on the SEO. Google recently added it as a requirement for a good search ranking. You can read it from here.

Considering all the above items, it is but wise to render the service of professional web developers who are experts on this field and so are able to provide you opinions and pointers that are important in building your business website.

If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur. Red Adair

If you are more of a graphic person, here are some infographics taken from pinterest.

Here is a video showing the TOP REASONS why you need to hire a Professional Web Designer/Web Developer.

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