Which Web Technology For Client?

Tue, Oct 31, 2017 | 2 minutes to read | Posted by: chered

If you are a web developer and you know a lot of web technologies to build a website, what web technology will you use?

That question is actually best served if you point out that question to your client.

Why? It’s not obvious but the web technology going to be used for the website has to be decided for the client. You have to take into consideration the client himself. That’s because after you develop the website and hand it over to the client, you need to know if the client wants to update and capable to change or add contents by himself or not. And so there are several considerations before deciding what web technology to use.

Web Technologies

Here are the list of Web Technologies:

If the client will do the content management and they will upload contents and images themselves, then it is best to use Content Management System (CMS). CMS will provide user friendly and GUI features that will be user-friendly for the clients.

Pure HTML is good for simple and static pages and so use it only for simple websites.

If you want tailor-made features for the websites, use a Php framework such as Laravel, Codeigniter or Symphony.

Here is a nice infographic for different php frameworks.

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