Tips on Starting as a Freelancer

Sun, Nov 26, 2017 | 4 minutes to read | Posted by: chered

Who wants to be work in their own time and be your own boss?

Most people would really like to go on that kind of work. But if you ask this question especially those people who are employed in a company , a lot of them will hesitate and could not give a “YES” answer.

Why? The reason is “it’s SCARY”. Being a freelancer means no regular paycheck, having to find your clients at your own and really need to have quality work to please your client on an agreed timeframe.

Are you still interested? Read on the list of tips as below:

Make a Portfolio to showcase your skills

Of course if you really want to be into freelance work, you gotta have SKILLS. This is the most important element of freelancing!

Skills can be anything like video editing, Virtual Assistant skills like content writing, social media, web development or web design. So if you are just planning to take into freelancing and you currently have a job, make use of your extra time and start learning the skills that you want. Right now, there are way lots of website that has tutorials, tutorials in youtube and other web learning portals. You just need to have eagerness to learn and spend time for practicing.

If you find a client to work with, normally he will ask for your skills. The best way to show it is by giving your portfolio. Porfolio can be your own website, a behance account page if you are into web design, A linkedin profile page or by sending him your cv/resume or any other online profile page that lists your skills and accomplishments.

Make profiles on Multiple Platforms

The most difficult stage of freelancing is actually getting clients. One of the most important steps in freelancing is creating profiles on different platforms so that clients can find you. Upload a formal picture that will show your creditibilty but not some fancy and wacky picture of yours. List down your skills that will help to build your credibility as a freelancer.

Here are some of the popular platforms:
Online Jobs PH

Determine your Rate

Since you are just starting out, it will be ok to start below average rate. That’s why if you are employed, don’t quit your job first as when you just starting out financially you will not be stable. Look for freelance work based on your skills and that will determine your rate as you learn and keep getting clients.

As you gain experience slowly you can eventually assess how much your rate will be. Don’t settle for low rates for a long time. As a freelancer you need to factor your internet fee, laptop or computer hardware you are using and electricy bill.

Know the worth of your skills.

Make use of Free Tools

There are lots of freemium tools right now and so I will just tell right away the one that are useful to me as a web developer.

Payment Terms

As soon as you get clients to hire you, they will ask how would you proceed with the payment method. There are few payment methods that I personally use. They are paypal, transferwise, xoom and payoneer.

You definitely need to have a paypal account. If you live in the Philippines, you need to register on their Philippine portal to avoid any issue on the verification process.

If you want faster transaction, tell your client to use xoom. Xoom is under paypal and so it is secured and reliable. To use xoom, you need to have a bank account to send over your money. Once payment is sent by the clients, in seconds you can see your money real time in your bank acount. This is even valid even on saturdays and sundays and so it’s really cool.

Transerwise is better than paypal in terms of currency conversion. However you can’t beat the convenience of using paypal email in sending paypal money from the clients.

So that’s it. Freelancing is surely here to stay. It can really be challenging if you plan to walk the path of a freelancer but there are also lots of people that are successful in transitioning to this work. By measuring up the challenges and developing strategies and solutions to overcome these obstacles, it is really helping yourself to venture into the freelancing world and be a professional freelancer.

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