How to Send Money via LBC Express Instant Peso Padala


LBC Instant Peso Padala is LBC Express’s fastest way of remitting money. Remit and receive money in minutes.

This LBC Instant peso padala is useful for sending money for hospitalization, medication, allowances, utility bills payment, or groceries from any LBC branch, local and abroad remittance partners.

By simply filling out the LBC Instant Peso Padala form, pay the transaction, message the tracking number to your receiver, and you’re done.

How to Send Money via LBC Instant Peso Padala

⦁ Visit any LBC Express branches or any LBC remittance partner nearest you. (Remittance starts as low as Php100).
⦁ Fill out the LBC Remittance form with your personal details and recipient (name, address, and mobile number)
⦁ Submit form and cash to the LBC associates in charge
⦁ Make payment and get a receipt (remittance fee varies according to the amount of money remitted).
⦁ Locate the tracking number and send it to your recipient.


LBC Express Instant Peso Padala Rates

Please see the below table for the correct estimate charges:


How to Claim Money via Instant Peso Padala

⦁ Ask the sender for the LBC tracking number for the Instant Peso Padala transaction.
⦁ Go to your nearest LBC Express branch or partner and fill out the encashment form.
⦁ Provide own details and senders name, and the expected amount
⦁ Submit the form to the LBC Express customer service officer with your valid ID.
⦁ Count the money received before leaving the counter.


Please bring a valid ID in claiming the remittance.

List of Valid ID’s Accepted

⦁ Passport
⦁ Driver’s License
⦁ Foreign Passport (written in English, or with English translation for non-Philippine Residents)
⦁ Professional Regulatory Commission ID (PRC)
⦁ NBI Clearance
⦁ New Postal ID (PVC card)
⦁ GSIS e-card
⦁ SSS Card
⦁ Senior Citizen Card
⦁ Seaman Book & Seafarer’s Registration Certificate
⦁ ID Issued by Government (GOCCs):
⦁ PhilHealth
⦁ AFP Dependent ID
⦁ Firearm License

Important Reminders

⦁ All transactions amounting to Php50,000 or more must declare the reason for the transaction and state source of funds.
⦁ For safety and security reasons, remittances above Php75,000.00 will be processed the next day. (Senders must specify the specified LBC branch that the money will be remitted).

Visit now your LBC Express braches or LBC partners and start sending money to your loved ones.

For more information, you may call LBC Phone Support at (02 ) 8 858-5999 or send an email to [email protected]

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