COVID-19 Benefits under the Employees’ Compensation Program.

COVID-19 has recently been added by the Employees  Compensation (ECC) in its list of occupational and work-related diseases.

Employees who got positive of Corona Virus Disease or COVID-19 can now claim the EC benefit aside from the SSS Sickness Benefit.

COVID-19 Benefits under the Employees’ Compensation Program

Below are the answers to the Frequently Asked Questions about the COVID-19 Benefits:

What are the benefits that an employee can get from the EC Program who got positive of COVID-19?

The benefits that an employee can from the EC Program that they can file at (SSS/GSIS) are the following:

  • Loss of Income Benefits
  • Medical Benefits
  • Death and Funeral Benefits

What is the EC Sickness  Benefit and How to Claim?

The EC Sickness Benefit is another sickness benefit that you can get from SSS (aside from the SSS Sickness Benefit).

You can file the EC Sickness Benefit claim at any SSS Branches through designated drop boxes.

The following documents must be submitted:

  • Duly accomplished EC Sickness/Disability forms
  • Certificate of Employment (include a declaration of the employee’s last day of work before contacting the illness)
  • Positive RT-PCR (Swab Test) Test Result from an accredited testing center of DOH.
  • For recovered, please get a certificate of recovery from your Barangay.

Does an Employee can only claim the EC Sickness Benefit if he/she had exhausted/used the company Paid Sick Leave Credits?

The employee can claim the EC Sickness Benefit even if he/she still has the available company-paid Sick Leave.

What are the medical benefits of the EC Program?

The sick employee can claim hospitalization expenses, professional fees, and medicine reimbursement if he/she had personally expensed after using PhilHealth and or HMO Benefits.

This can also be filed at SSS/GSIS after the approval of the EC Sickness Claim.

The EC Medical Benefit Reimbursement is not 100%, the reimbursement is based on the Reimbursement Schedule System.

(Please make sure that you still have the copy of the receipts and forms can be downloaded at

What is the EC Death and Funeral Benefit?

For the Private Sector, the EC funeral Benefit is Php30, 000.00.

The EC pension can be filed and claimed also at any SSS Branch.

Who is allowed to file or process the EC Benefit?

The employee or the employer/HR can file or process the EC Benefit. Just make sure that all the documents are complete and correct.

For more information, you contact the Employees’ Compensation Commission at  (02) 899 4251 or send an email at [email protected].


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