What are the PhilHealth Breast Cancer Benefit & Criteria


October is breast cancer awareness month.

What is Breast Cancer?

Breast cancer is a disease in which the breast cells grow out of control.

And it comes in different types.

What are the kinds of Breast Cancer?

  • Invasive ductal carcinoma is a kind of breast cancer in which the cancer cells develop outside the ducts/other parts of the breast tissue. It can also metastasize or spread to other body parts.
  • Invasive lobular carcinoma-the cancer cells proliferate from the lobules to the nearby breast tissues.

What are the Signs and Symptoms of Breast Cancer?

Breast cancer signs and symptoms vary from person to person. Below are some of the breast cancer warning signs:

  • A lump in the breast/armpit
  • Breast Swelling or thickening of the part 
  • Breast skin irritation/dimpling
  • Breast or nipple area redness or flakiness.
  • Pain or Pulling of the nipple.
  • Discharges in the nipple (other than breast milk)
  • Change in breast size and shape
  • Painful Breast (any area)

Would you please bear in mind that the above signs and symptoms can occur in other conditions that are not cancer-related?

We share the Breast Cancer PhilHealth Benefits, selection criteria, and the contracted hospitals’ list that members can avail it.

PhilHealth Benefit for Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer Z Benefit Amount

  • Stage 0-III-A-Php100.00

Selections Criteria to avail the Benefit

  • Signed Member Empowerment (ME) Form
  • Clinical and TNM staging:
    – Stage 0 TisN0M0
    – Stage IA T1N0M0
    – Stage IB T0, T1N1M0
    – Stage IIB T2N1M0 or T3N0M0
    – Stage IIIA T0, T1, T2N2M0 or T3N1N2M0

Where to Avail

Below is the list of the Philippine Health Insurance Corporation (PhilHealth) Contracted Hospitals.

National Capital Region (NCR)

  • East Avenue Medical Center
  • Jose R. Reyes Memorial Medical Center
  • National Kidney and Transplant Institute
  • Quirino Memorial Medical Center
  • Rizal Medical Center
  • UP-Philippine General Hospital


  • Baguio General Hospital and Medical Center

Region I

  • Ilocos Training and Regional Medical Center

Region II

  • Cagayan Valley Medical Center

Region III A

  •  Angeles University Foundation Medical Center

Region III B

  • Jose B. Lingad Memorial Regional Hospital
  • Paulino J. Garcia Memorial Research and Medical Center
  • Premiere Medical Center

Region IV B

  • Batangas Medical Center
  • Frances Cabrini Medical Center

Region V

  • Bicol Medical Center
  • Bicol Regional Teaching and Training Hospital

Region VI

  • Corazon Locsin Montelibano Memorial Hospital
  • Western Visayas Medical Center

Region VII

  • Perpetual Succor Hospital
  • Vicente Sotto Memorial Medical Center

Region X

  • Northern Mindanao Medical Center

Region XI

  • Davao Regional Medical Center
  • Southern Philippines Medical Center

For more information, please get in touch with PhilHealth 24/7 Hotline at (02) 8441-7442 or email at [email protected]

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