Cokaliong Shipping Lines, a Cebu-based RoRo passenger, and cargo shipping company.

We are sharing here the Cokaliong Shipping Lines Trip Schedules and Rates for their Visayas destinations specifically for the following routes:

  • Cebu to/from Calbayog
  • Cebu to Dumaguete/Dumaguete to Cebu
  • Cebu to Iloilo and Vice Versa
  • Cebu to Jagna
  • Cebu to Maasin City and Vice Versa
  • Cebu to Masbate/Masbate to Cebu
  • Cebu to Palompon/Palompon to Cebu

Cokaliong Shipping Lines Trip Schedule

Cebu to Calbayog
  • 7:00 PM every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday
Calbayog to Cebu
  • 7:00 PM every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday
Cebu to Dumaguete
  • 7:00 PM every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday
Dumaguete to Cebu
  • 12:00 AM every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday
Cebu to Iloilo
  • 7:00 PM every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday
  • 6:00 PM every Wednesday
Iloilo to Cebu
  • 7:00 PM every Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Sunday
Cebu to Jagna
  • 7:00 PM every Saturday
Cebu to Palompon
  • 8:00 PM every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday
  • 12:00 PM every Sunday
Palompon to Cebu
  • 8:00 AM every Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday
  • 10:00 PM every Sunday
Cebu to Masbate
  • 7:00 PM every Friday
Masbate to Cebu
  • 7:00 PM every Saturday

Cokaliong  Shipping Lines Ticket Rates

Cebu to/from Calbayog Ticket Rates
  • Economy (Deck A & B) P850.00
  • Tourist-P1, 000.00
  • Business Class-P1, 150.00
  • Suite Room (Good for 3) P3, 660.00/room
  • Suite Room (Good for 4) P4, 880.00
Cebu to/from Dumaguete Boat Fare
  • Economy (Deck A & B) P355.00
  • Tourist-P680.00
  • Cabin-P1, 310.00
  • Suite Room-P2, 820.00/room
Cebu to/from Iloilo Ferry Fare
  • Economy (Deck A & B) P930.00
  • Lounge-P965.00
  • Tourist-P1, 030.00
  • Suite Room-P2, 760.00/room
Cebu to Maasin City Ticket Rate
  • Economy-P400.00/P500.00
  • Tourist-P600.00
  • Cabin (Good for 2) P2, 335.00/room
Cebu to/from Masbate Passenger Fare
  • Economy-P860.00
  • Tourist-P1, 025.00
  • Suite Room (Good for 3) P4, 255.00/room
Cebu to/from Palompon, Leyte Ticket Fare
  • Economy-P370.00/P385.00
  • Tourist-P510.00

Schedules and Rates may change without prior notice.

Passengers must be onboard the vessel at least two (2) hours before the departure time.

For more info, please contact Cokaliong Shipping Lines:  (032) 232-7211.

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