Employees Compensation Program Benefits (ECP) is created to provide workers and their families with income benefits, medical and allied benefits in the event of work-connected injury, sickness or death.

This is in addition to Philhealth and SSS/GSIS benefits. And the coverage or entitlement begins on the first day of employment. 

Employees Compensation Program Benefits

Compensable Diseases/Sickness under EC Program

  • Not any disease is compensable.
  • Only those diseases caused by work or the working environment are compensable.
  • Conditions or risk factors on the job must be present for the disease to be payable.
  • Other diseases not in the list may still be compensated as long as the employee can establish a causal connection with the nature of his work or the working environment.

Compensability of Injuries

For the injury and the resulting disability to be compensable, the injury must be the effect/result of an accident arising out of or in line of employment.

Work-connected/related Injuries

Seven Instances where an accident or injury can be compensable:

  1. Happened at the workplace
  2. Happened while performing official functions
  3. Outside of  the workplace, but performing an order/instruction of his employer
  4. When going to or coming from work
  5. While ministering personal comfort
  6. While in a company shuttle bus
  7. During a company-sponsored activity

Excepting Circumstances

Below are the instances when an injury, sickness or death will not be compensated:

  • Intoxication due to Drugs or Alcohol
  • Notorious negligence
  • A willful intent to injure oneself or another

Employees Compensation Program Benefits

Below is the list of benefits under the EC program:

  • Loss of Income Benefit
  • Medical Benefits
  • Rehabilitation Services
  • Carer’s Allowance
  • Death Benefits

Loss of Income Benefit

A cash benefit is given to a worker to compensate for the loss of income due to the individual’s incapacity/inability to work (DISABILITY) as a result of illness or injury.

3 Types of Disability

  • Temporary Total Disability (TTD)
  • Permanent Total Disability (PTD)
  • Permanent Partial Disability (PPD)
Daily Income Benefit for Total Temporary Disability

A minimum of P110.00 and a maximum of Php480.00 pesos is granted to a qualified member.

This benefit claim may go beyond 120 days, but not exceeding 240 days.

Monthly Income Benefit for Permanent Total Disability

The monthly minimum pension amount for Permanent Total Disability is Php2, 000.00 plus 13th-month pay.

And the dependent minor children are entitled to a Dependents Pension that is equivalent to 10% of the monthly pension. Only five (5) dependents are covered starting from the youngest.

This monthly income benefit is guaranteed for life if disability remains until the death of  the worker, but may be suspended in the event of the following:

  • Failure to present for examination
  • Failure to submit a quarterly medical report
  • Complete or full recovery
  • Upon being gainfully employed

Below is a sample of Permanent Total Disability:

  • Complete loss of sight of both eyes
  • Loss of 2 limbs at or above the ankle or wrist
  • Permanent, complete paralysis in 2 limbs
  • Brain injury resulting imbecility or insanity
Permanent Partial Disability

A worker can claim a Permanent Partial Disability if the illness or injury resulting in the loss of the use of body parts and its function.

A lump sum amount or monthly pension is granted as per the Employees’ Compensation Commission Schedule.

Please see below Permanent Partial Disability Schedule:


Medical Benefits

Is the reimbursement for the cost of medicines, hospitalization (ward services), medical care of an accredited doctor, and surgical expenses.

Carer’s Allowance

A Php1, 000.00 monthly allowance is provided to Occupationally Disabled Workers (ODWs) who suffer from a permanent partial or permanent total disability and cannot take care of their basic personal needs.

Rehabilitation Services

Below is the list of services that are designed for persons with work-related disability (PWRD) to help and restore them to have suitable employment and to develop their mental, vocational, or social potentials.

Below is the form of Rehabilitation services provided by the EC program:

  • Medical-surgical management;
  • Hospitalization;
  • Necessary appliances and supplies like crutches, hearing aid, wheelchair, etc.
  • Physical restoration;
  • Psychosocial counseling;
  • Psychiatric evaluation;
  • Skills training;
  • Entrepreneur training;
  • Hearing impairment evaluation;
  • Visual impairment evaluation; and
  • Job referral.

Death Benefits

A Php30, 000.00 funeral benefit and EC death pension is given to beneficiaries of an employee who died as a result of work-connected illness or injury.

Specific Beneficiaries

Primary Beneficiaries

Below are considered primary beneficiaries:

  • The legitimate spouse living with the employee, or a legal spouse separated with the employee at the time of the death of the employee until he/she marries again.
  • The legitimate, legitimated, legally adopted, or acknowledged natural children who are not single, unemployed, not over 21 years old, or above 21 years old who have a physical or mental disability (congenital or acquired).

Secondary Beneficiaries

  • Legitimate parents are totally dependent on the employee for regular support.
  • The legitimate descendants and the illegitimate children who are not married, not employed, not more than 21 years old, or over 21 years of age who are physically and mentally impaired whether congenitally or acquired during childhood.

Primary beneficiaries shall have the priority in claiming the death benefits over the secondary beneficiaries. No Death benefit shall be paid to the secondary beneficiaries if Primary beneficiaries are available.

Availing the ECP Benefits

  • Claims for Employees Compensation Benefits are filed thru SSS (for private sector) and GSIS (for public sector)
  • The Prescriptive period is three (3) years from the time the cause of action/injury occurred.
  • Requirements:
    • Fill up the required forms and attached the following supporting documents
    • Certificate of employment with job description
    • Medical Records (original or certified true copy)
    • Employees Compensation Company Logbook (certified true photocopy)

For more information, please email at [email protected] or call at 889-4251 local 227, 228 / 899-4251 local 239 & 896-7837 for Public Assistance.

Employees’ Compensation Commission Offices

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